The original baby hammock - Slyngevuggen - from Natures Sway.


You will find many copies - a few come close by design, one being an exact copy of a previous design - but only the Natures Sway baby hammock provides your child with the gentle bounce that makes your child fall a sleep.

Perfectly engineered with high quality components, that makes your hammock endure for a long time: Stainless stell (marine grade) in most metal part - designes to last take away any concerns you may have on durability.

More than 20 years in the market - more than happy clients.

Model: 10210-9007-SV Original
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Tired of carrying baby? Then try Slyngevuggen® - it has worked for more than 20,000 other parents.

Model: 10210-9144_Sv ECO
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If organic is your thing, then the Natures Sway baby hammock Organic is the choice for you

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Model: 10210-90
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Perfect combo for travellers or those who often shift place of sleep

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Model: 10210-9212-Sv JR
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The Natures Sway Junior baby hammock from about 15-25 kg (2-2½ to 3-3½ years of age). 100% Calico cotton canvas with luxury wool futon mattress.

Model: 10210-9076_SV Grey
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New version of the classic and original baby hammock from Natures Sway